1950s home turned into eco-friendly dental office

September 15th, 2008 @ 5:57am
by Bob McClay/KTAR

A Scottsdale dentist's office boasts that it's going green. Doctor Bicky Tran says she's remodeled a home built in the 1950s into an eco-friendly office.

Recycling has always been a part of Tran's life. "We grew up in Oregon. Mom was very, very poor or I should say, cheap perhaps. So we recycled everything and that was just a way of life."

So she decided to make her new Scottsdale office eco-friendly. Everything is recycled, including the used blue jeans that are used for insulation.

"Everything we use from the wall paint to the flooring to even our toothbrushes are made from recycled material."

Tran also claims her x-ray machine gives off 90 percent less radiation. "We don't even need lead aprons anymore, that's how little radiation that produces."

In the bathroom, you'll find dual flush toilets. "The two buttons for whichever use you need for going to the bathroom, so it does save a lot of water."



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