eco-friendly practices as a way of life:

• At Simply Dentistry, our office was remodeled from an existing house built in the 1950s – restoring an existing building was less damaging to the environment than new construction.

• The materials used from our flooring to countertops are made of recycled products which can be found at akaGreenbuilding Supply Store here in Scottsdale. Our sound-proof Bonded Logic insulation is made from 85 percent post-industrial natural fibers (think, your old blue jeans!). The benches and decking on the exterior is made from reclaimed cedar by Eco-Driven Wood Concepts in Phoenix. The flooring is a combination of bamboo, Shaw recycled carpet tiles, and Marmoleum (a product similar to linoleum, but made from natural pigments and recycled materials). The entire office is painted with America Pride’s no VOC paint. Our windows provide most of the lighting in our office with additional fluorescent lighting as needed. We have countertops made out of recycled paper along with the concrete countertops, bench, and sink made by Gore Design Co.

“Besides maximizing the green qualities of concrete, we strive to make all our materials and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. We use water-based sealers, so our countertops and sinks don’t become sources of VOC pollution in your home or business. We use pigments that are free of heavy metals. We put recycled materials and industrial byproducts to work, using fly ash, for example, to cut down on our need for new materials and to reduce the portlandcontent of our pieces.” –Gore Design Co.

All of our cabinets were constructed with SkyBlend particle boards which are 100 percent pre-consumer recycled fiber content manufactured without urea formaldehyde. Even our toothbrushes are recycled! Not from an old toothbrush, but a brand new toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups.

• Water saving dual-flush toilets, digital charts to eliminate paper waste, digital x-rays not only reduces harmful radiations, but also eliminates the need for hazardous processing chemicals. Staying true to our “green” philosophy, our staff continues to carry on these eco-friendly practices in their own lives by creating awareness to those around them.

• Future remodeling of our building includes the installation of solar panels.

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