"Bicky Tran is the dentist and she is the sweetest, and most professional woman dentist I have ever met. If you are into the earth, eco-living, you'll enjoy the ambiance of her office. She's always been eco-friendly (growing up in Oregon) and so she wanted to make sure her office was too. The walls, flooring and decor are all good for the earth. And when it comes to your teeth, she's got a gentle touch, but gets the job done right. I really enjoyed my visit (as much as you can when you don't floss much!!)"
–Charlotte Risch

"I was blown away by the care I had at Simply Dentistry! They were so warm and kind, but also very helpful and honest about my insurance and treatment.  They took the time to explain what I needed and they best way to go about my treatment.  I’ve never been so comfortable in a dentist office before.  I think the TV on the ceiling helped, too!"
–Michelle Evard
"I’ve never been excited to go and get my teeth cleaned and never ever really expected to… until now. From the “green” office to the fun and professional people to the thorough cleaning, this was by far the most enjoyable trip to the dentist I’ve had. It is refreshing to see the practice of dentistry being brought up to speed with patients’ and the planet’s needs! I’m telling all my friends about Simply Dentistry!!"
–Nick Labadie
The aura of the office drew me in with its pleasant, friendly, and professional staff. During my ZOOM teeth-whitening treatment Dr. Tran was very professional and told me about every step of the process. I was very comfortable, and even enjoyed it! Although I had some minor discomfort, the overall treatment was affordable, quick, and easy. I feel like I got my money’s worth!
–Craig McClymonds

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